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Sky News Your Videos: Frequently Asked Questions

If you need help uploading videos to Sky News then you are in the right place. The Sky News video upload service is powered by YouTube . You can find more details about how we operate in the Sky News Your Videos Terms of Use.

Getting Started

Why should I upload a video to Sky News?

If you upload your video to the Sky News website it may be seen by hundreds of thousands of people. There is also chance it could be shown on Sky News TV - you might even be invited to take part in an interview. If your video is accepted for viewing it will appear in http://www.youtube.com/skynewsuservideos the Sky News User Videos channel on You Tube so potentially millions of people around the world will be able to view your video.

Could my video really be shown on TV?

Yes, if your video is chosen by a producer then it could appear on TV and you may even be approached for an interview on Sky News provided you have supplied us with your email address and mobile number in the upload form. Any appearance would be subject to Terms and Conditions, and your parent or guardian would need to give us their consent if you are under 18.

Will my video appear anywhere other than the Sky News Website?

Yes, as well as appearing on the Sky News website, all videos uploaded to Sky News Your Videos will automatically appear on You Tube in the Sky News User Videos channel http://www.youtube.com/skynewsuservideos. If you are not happy with this then please don’t upload your video to Sky News Your Videos.

Is it free to upload my videos?


Can anyone upload a video?

Yes - but you have to be at least 16 or over and live in the UK or Republic of Ireland. If you are between 16 and 18 please get permission from your parent or guardian to use this service. 

What happens once I have uploaded a video?

Once you have uploaded your video we will review it before publishing it on Sky News Your Videos and Sky News User Videos channel on You Tube.

What kind of videos are Sky News looking for?

Anything newsworthy: it may be an event in your local area that you think people should know about or a major national incident. If you have a news story then simply upload your video and we could be showing it on TV or on the Sky News website.

Preparing Videos

What format does my video need to be in?

We can handle the majority of popular video formats.

Can you be more specific?

Video formats we can accept include AVI, ASF, QuickTime, Windows Media and MPEG. This means if your video file has an extension like .avi, .asf, .mov, .mpeg, .mp4, .ra or .ram then you should be fine and you may get the best results by converting your file to MPEG4 video with MP3 audio. The frame rate should be above 12 frames per second with a bitrate of more than 260Kbps. If your video is not technically suitable then we will not be able to feature it on Sky News Your Videos or the You Tube channel.

Can you give me software to help me edit my videos?

No - but you probably have some on your computer already. If you are using Windows on a PC you are likely to have Movie Maker installed. If you are on a Mac you may already have iMovie on your computer. Other video editing programs are available to download from the internet.

What is the maximum length for videos?

10 minutes because you are uploading through the Sky News website.

What is the maximum file size for videos?

100MB because you are uploading through the Sky News website.

What are ‘categories’?

By selecting a category you can classify your video by theme and choose where you want it to sit on the Sky News website. We will create these categories for you, so you just need to select the most suitable category for your video using the dropdown box which is displayed as part of the video upload process. If your video does not relate to any of the available categories just select ‘General’ from the dropdown box.

Can I upload digital photos as well as videos?

If you want to upload a photo then visit http://yourphotos.sky.com/ .

Uploading & Viewing

How do I upload my videos?

Follow the instructions on the Sky News website to upload a video directly from your computer.

Are videos checked before they go on Sky News?

Yes, all videos are watched first to make sure they do not contain anything that does not comply with our Terms of Use. Videos that do not comply with our Terms of Use will not make it onto the site. You can find more details about what we cannot accept in these FAQs and in our Terms of Use.

Why does my video not appear on the Sky News website straight away?

We watch all videos before they appear on Sky News. This means it may sometimes take a while before your video is available. We try to be as quick as we can, so thanks in advance for your patience.

How can I watch videos?

You can watch videos on the Sky News website and the Sky News User Videos channel on You Tube if they comply with our Terms of Use.

 Sharing Videos

Can I put links to Sky News on my blog, website, Facebook page or MySpace profile?

Yes. We give each video its own link so you can email it to your friends. Every video uploaded to the Sky News website also has embed code which you can paste into your blog or website. Contact your blog provider or web host if you need help embedding your video. Also remember that you will be able to access your video via the Sky News User Videos channel on You Tube.

Can I remove my videos from Sky News?

If you would like your video removing from the Sky News website then email messages@skynews.co.uk telling us the reasons why your video should be removed from Sky News website. Sky News will review your request and if your reason is deemed valid the video will be taken down.  If reason is not thought to be valid, then the video will remain on the Sky News website and the Sky News User Videos channel on You Tube.

What Not to Upload

We want the Sky News video service to be fun, safe and family-friendly. However, you must be at least 16 years old to use the service. We want to give everyone the chance to have their say but the law still applies to the internet. We all must respect the different opinions and views of other users.

Can I upload videos that I did not make myself?

No. Making films, TV programmes and videos involves a huge amount of work and money. Copyright protects the interests of the people and companies who make films, TV programmes and videos. Using video that was created and/or owned by other people could be a copyright infringement and you risk being prosecuted if you use it.

Can I upload sports footage?

You cannot upload other people’s videos of sports events (this includes TV footage) or videos you have made yourself of professional sports events, particularly if you have paid for (or there was restricted access to) the particular sports event you filmed. This means that uploading a clip that you recorded on your mobile of your favourite football team would not be permitted. If you film a sports event that is organised by somebody else you may infringe copyright or some other rights and you risk being prosecuted. Amateur sports events (like a Sunday morning kick about) are different and you are more likely to be allowed to film these – just remember not everyone wants to be on TV, so it is important you have permission before filming people. If you are uploading a video of an amateur sports event it would be helpful if you tell us in the description if you have the permission of everyone who appears in your video.

In what circumstances will videos be rejected?

We will reject your video if you do not comply with our Terms of Use. We may also reject your video if we have technical problems with it. We will generally email you to tell you if we cannot accept your video and where you have provided us with your email address.

The Rules About Music

Can I use music in my videos?

Music (both the lyrics and the melody) is protected by copyright so we would prefer that you avoid using commercial or any other music if possible unless you can meet the criteria stated below. It means you should not send us any music performance videos in full or part, recordings of any music TV channels or anything performed by any other person other than yourself or your friends, unless you have obtained permission from all the people or companies who wrote and played the music or bought or own the rights to it.

You can include music in your video if you created and performed it yourself or have written permission from the composer and the performers of the music. Also you can include music that belongs to other people or companies provided the audio track is heard for no longer than 2 minutes and the content is for example of you and/or friends miming or singing along to a music recording, a filming of a karaoke event, your band are playing a cover version or there is music playing in the background that is identifiable (e.g. the radio or TV are on).

If your video contains music which we can accept, you must provide the name of all artists/composers and song titles which feature in your video by entering the details into the  ‘Song titles and artists’ box that appears as part of the upload process. We have to report all music usage to the music societies so that their members (publishers, composers and performers) can receive royalties owing. If in doubt leave it out of your video.

If your video contains music and you do not provide the correct information or the music is heard for longer than 2 minutes we will be unable to publish it to the Sky News website. If you use music that you do not have the rights to, you infringe copyright and you risk being prosecuted.

Why do you have these rules about music?

These rules are universal and do not just apply to Sky News specifically. They are to protect the livelihoods of writers, composers, performers, artists and recording and publishing companies. If you make their music available on the internet then people may not buy it from a store or distributor and consequently you may damage people’s livelihoods and the future of the industry.

What does 'using music' mean?

It can mean uploading music videos (that you might see on TV), repeating or singing lyrics, humming a tune, uploading a soundtrack, editing, sampling, performing karaoke or even just using a clip of your favourite chart song.

Can I upload a video of myself singing a football chant or song?

You are welcome to video yourself performing a football chant or song provided it is heard for no longer than 2 minutes. Otherwise you must have written original lyrics and melody, have permission from anyone else performing with you and you must not have licensed or sold your music to a record company or music publisher. You must confirm all this to us in the upload form description boxes or we will not be able to publish your video. Email us before uploading if you have any questions. See below for our contact details.

 What We Check

Copyright and Intellectual Property Infringement

Films, TV programmes, videos, DVDs and logos are protected by copyright and other laws. Copyright protects the interests of the people and companies who create these products. If the content or product or marks in your video are owned by someone else, you are infringing copyright and run the risk being prosecuted. It is important that you understand that you cannot take other people's creations and use them as you see fit. Uploading somebody else's video is no different to taking something from a shop without paying. Copyright infringement damages the music, film and television businesses and the future development of music, film and TV programmes.

Taste & Decency

All kinds of people use the Sky News service, including families, teenagers and older people. Everyone has different views of what is acceptable so we cannot use videos which might cause offence. Videos which encourage racism, violence or sexual discrimination will be rejected. Videos that contain untrue, defamatory or derogatory statements will also be rejected, as may those that contain swearing or nudity. We do not want to know your intimate details or personal secrets - these are best kept to yourself. Funny accidents (think 'Kirsty's Home Videos') probably would not offend viewers but you must not deliberately set up stunts that are dangerous to people or animals - bear in mind children might want to copy your video.

Defamation or Libel

You cannot make untrue comments about a person or an organisation which could harm their reputation or make them look ridiculous. You are entitled to your opinion, even when it goes against the grain, but it must be true and justified. There is a big difference between expressing a personal opinion and making untrue claims based on gossip or rumours, rather than facts. These rules apply to both people and companies - whether they are famous or not.

Illegal Activities

We want the Sky News service to be fun, safe and a family-friendly environment and we will use our discretion to make our own decisions. The law still applies to the internet.

Commercial Messages

You can promote your hobby or own private project but Sky News is not the place for you to advertise commercial brands, products or services. Your video must not display brands prominently. You are welcome to have an opinion about what you like and dislike but Sky News is not an advertising space or trading floor.

Technical Problems

We sometimes may have technical problems watching your video. We may choose to email you to let you know if this is the case.


It is quicker and easier for us to process your video if the language used is English. If you use another language then please ensure it complies with the Sky News Terms of Use.

 Permissions & Consent

Do I need permission to film people?

Not everyone wants to be a TV star! People need to know your video is going to be published on the internet and there is a chance they will appear on Sky News TV. As the video maker it is your responsibility to make sure everyone is happy to be shown in your video. You also need to be aware of activities that might be going on in the background of your video - particularly anything that might be inappropriate, indecent or that does not comply with our Terms of Use.

Can I send you videos of my pets?

Yes - provided you do not harm your animal in any way. We love animals and it is not acceptable to abuse them. You must never force your pet to perform tricks it does not want to do.

Reporting Concerns

How do I report illegal, abusive or inappropriate content on Sky News?

Click on the ‘Report as inappropriate’ flag icon that is displayed alongside each video and follow the on screen instructions to give us your reasons for the complaint.

Where can I find advice and tips about security and safety when online for me and my family?

You can find advice and helpful tips about security and safety in the Security Centre section of Sky.com:  http://www.sky.com/portal/site/skycom/securitycentre.

Are there alternative ways to report illegal, abusive or inappropriate content on Sky News or any other Sky websites?

The Internet Watch Foundation www.iwf.org.uk is one place to start. The government's online child protection centre www.ceop.gov.uk , Think UK Now www.thinkuknow.co.uk and the Virtual Global Taskforce www.virtualglobaltaskforce.com also offer online safety tips and allow you to report suspicious behaviour or inappropriate material. Your Internet Service Provider (“ISP”) may also offer safety tips or parental controls. All of these and further advice on security and safety can be found in the Sky.com Security Centre: http://www.sky.com/portal/site/skycom/securitycentre.

Where can I go if I need help or advice about personal problems, or if I just want to talk to someone in private?

We cannot offer personal advice. However, if you need help then some of the places that you might be able to try are: The Samaritans www.samaritans.org.uk the NSPCC www.nspcc.org.uk and NHS Direct www.nhsdirect.nhs.uk.

Contacting Us

Please make sure you have read these FAQs and our Terms of Use fully before getting in touch.

What is the customer service address for Sky News Your Videos?

Email messages@skynews.co.uk

Who do I contact about technical problems with Sky News and in particular Your Videos?

Email messages@skynews.co.uk

How do I opt-out of marketing & promotional emails as I have provided you with my email address?

Email messages@skynews.co.uk  to tell us. We also provide unsubscribe links in our mailings.

Can I contact you by text message?

We are unable to respond to queries you send us by text message. Email us at messages@skynews.co.uk if you need to get in touch - but do check these FAQs first as they may well answer your question.

Who do I contact about my Sky TV subscription?

If you are a Sky TV customer the you can find all contact details in the Sky Help Centre of www.sky.com.

Can you help me with my Sky Broadband account?

You'll need to visit www.sky.com for help with Sky Broadband. Details are posted in the Sky Help Centre.

What is your postal address?

Our postal address is: Sky News – Your Videos, British Sky Broadcasting, Grant Way, Isleworth, TW7 5QD.

Who do I contact if I am a journalist?

See the Contact Us page http://news.sky.com/skynews/Static-Pages/Contact-Sky-News or go to http://www.skypressoffice.co.uk/.

Who do I contact about advertising on Sky websites?

Go to http://sky.com/advertise/.